Why Ya-Min Tours & Travel Links


Ya-Min Tours & Travel Links has hired best personal with loads of experience in these specialized services. The managers and Executives who oversee your prestigious account have themselves traveled throughout the world and continue doing so and are exposed to the global standards of the industry and work on the quid lines fixed them by the company which allows them to maintain a perfect equilibrium between and delivery of all client thereby adding an outstanding value to each individual who travel through the company.

  1. Guaranteed lowest fares
  2. Professional Agents with extensive experience in all phases of corporate travel planning.
  3. Computerized Airline Reservation Systems with Focal Point.
  4. Up to date car and hotel, Masters Programs providing "last minute "availability
  5. Choice of customary paper ticket or new ticket less "E-Ticket".
  6. Individual profile sheets for expedited service.
  7. Enrollment assistance with the airline Frequent Flyer Points.
  8. Corporate plans for hotel and car discounts.
  9. Ticket Delivery.
  10. Full refund policy on cancellations (Subject to Airline Regulations)
  11. Extended hours of operation, 24 hour answering capability.
  12. Business class, 1st class travelers, free limousine on Emirates departures and arrivals.