Turkey Visa Assistance

Turkey is a one of ultimate relaxation destinations. With vast natural beauty & adventure experiences Turkey will leave you spoilt for choice. Turkey features an enchanting diversity of landscapes, historical, and cultural uniqueness making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

1. From 11 July 2016 onwards, ALL visa applications for Turkey within Pakistan will be made ONLY through Gerry's Visa Drop-box Contact Centres.

2. Visa applicants still need to fill in preliminary application form online at www.visa.gov.tr take a printout and sign. (Please do NOT take an appointment date online. Appointments taken from the system are not valid.)

3. Call and visit one of Gerry's Visa Drop-box Contact Centres and presents your signed pre-application form and relevant documents.

Visa Application Requirements:

Visa application form filled in online and entertained through online appointment system and two biometric photos (5 cm. X 5 cm. / white background)
Photocopy of a valid passport (1st and 2nd pages only) passport valid for at least six (6) months as from the date of your arrival in Turkey.
Return ticket:
A copy of the ticket reservation is accepted for entry visa applications
A copy of the purchased ticket is required for transit visas.
Health report from any hospital or any doctor, mentioning applicant's fitness for travel.
Travel Insurance, covering the duration of stay in Turkey
Oral Polio Vaccine or Inactivated Polio Vaccine certificate
Bank statement, which covers the transactions of the last three months
Accommodation / hotel reservation
In case applicant is employed a statement from the employer mentioning title, salary, duration of the employment and purpose of the travel.

Pakistani nationals who have a valid visa or residence permit of the Schengen countries, UK, USA and Ireland can apply for e-Visa online through https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

Please note that e-visa is only valid when the purpose of travel is tourism or business. Other purposes such as study and work requires regular visa issued by the Embassy or Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey.

For more information and details call 03340000456 Or